Set the landing pad, design your course, Drone Run!

A Timed Flying Game for Drones

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 Fly Over Sensor Checkpoints 

Design your Own Course

What is Drone Run?

Drone Run turns consumer drone flying into a physical game. 

It's the first drone accessory that creates a new and exciting way to fly your drone, develop your skills and compete with friends.

How do you use it?

A Simple, Customisable Race Circuit

Take off from the smart drone landing pad then fly around a circuit of sensor checkpoints before landing back on the smart pad, triggering a sensor that stops the clock.


What do you get?

A Landing Pad and Checkpoint Sensors


For every pledge, you'll receive a smart landing pad and at least 1 sensor checkpoint, always saving 20% (or more) on retail price.

Drone Not Included

Low and Agile Flight


Train your skills and become the best drone pilot you can be.

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